The story of Koshka is that of a fashion house created in 2007 in Paris, the capital of elegance and an emblematic city that has seen the birth of the greatest designers. 

Far from the traditional codes, Koshka offers a modern and unique wardrobe that can dress Parisian women and all women who want to assert their personality through their style.

It is this free and assumed elegance that Koshka transcribes through its pieces. Koshka manufactures in Paris the essential pieces of a timeless wardrobe but above all ethical and made in France.

Koshka was born out of a desire for sustainable, not ephemeral fashion, and favors timeless pieces. Fashion is thus seen as reasoned, far from fast fashion and style that is renewed endlessly without conviction.

Our press relations agency based in Paris is pleased to support Koshka's outreach and PR strategy.