Our expertise


Nomâd RP Communication supports and develops the communication strategy of its clients and builds for each of them, whatever their universe, a tailor-made action plan in perfect adequacy with their identity, their problems and their ambitions.

The agency operates in various fields of expertise, including


which aims to define what actions to take to achieve objectives.

with media management for all media,
whether it be print, digital, television, radio or podcasts.

through the organisation of events (press conferences, cocktail parties, product launches, lunches or press presentations).

which has become a must, taking care of influencer relations, community management of social networks
community management of social networks, online awareness, sponsoring.

whether it is intended for the press in the form of a press kit/press release
press release, to end customers through newsletters, or to social
or to social networks with images.

in order to create synergies between companies, thus extending their communication spectrum.

The team


Nomâd RP Communication is above all a team of passionate professionals who are fully committed to their clients. With different training and backgrounds, the team has a global vision of Communication and PR, offering tailor-made strategic support: product or corporate issues, BtoB or BtoC, start-up or large group... the strategy developed is adapted to the needs of each client.   

Nomâd PR's support is focused on both the product and corporate dimensions, thus ensuring global visibility: shopping pages, brand saga, founder's portrait, opinion column, institutional communication (takeover, appointment, recruitment).

Philippine Rousseau

Founder, beauty account manager

Her experience: 14 years in communication and marketing in Paris, London and NYC

Her favourite areas: beauty and tourism

Her favourite getaway: family weekends in the countryside

Hobbies: horse riding and skiing

A moment out of time: having a coffee at 8am at Magne's in the village of l'Herbe while everyone else is sleeping in

Her favourite food: coquillettes in front of Netflix!

His mantra: it's hard to fail, but it's worse never to have tried to succeed 

Antoine Peltier

Account manager fashion & lifestyle

Her experience: 14 years in marketing, communication and branding for advertisers

Her favourite areas: interior design and fashion

His favourite getaway: his living room, a very personal place that he has taken to heart to shape in his image

Hobbies: golf, ceramics and hunting for vintage designer pieces

A moment out of time: when he closes his eyes

His pet peeve: let's say it's not a sin or he'd go straight to hell, but he loves peanut butter!

His mantra: create the world you want to live in 

Pauline de Ricqlès

Account manager beauty & lifestyle

Her experience: 15 years in press and public relations

Her favourite areas: beauty and lifestyle

Her favourite getaway: Ibiza

Hobbies: boxing, movie nights with his sons

A moment out of time: reading on a beach in the early morning

Her favourite food: bread and olive oil!

His mantra: tomorrow will be too late 

Eloise Michelin

Account manager gastronomy & lifestyle

Her experience: more than 15 years in the service of gastronomic and Art de Vivre talents within renowned Parisian agencies.
Her preferred fields: gastronomy, food, Art de Vivre.
Her favorite getaway: the unexpected.
A moment out of time: walking alone without a watch.
Her guilty pleasure: pâté
Her mantra: never give up / Good things never come easy / Who eats alone, strangles alone.

Valentina Camassa 

Account executive beauty & lifestyle

Her experience: 2 years' experience in the communications field in Paris and Milan
Her preferred fields: beauty & lifestyle
Her favorite getaway: weekends spent exploring museums
Her hobbies: yoga and swimming
A moment out of time: a walk on the beach
Her guilty pleasure: pizza parties in my bed
Her mantra: I never lose, either I win or I learn.

Manon Ferment

Account executive mode & lifestyle

Her experience: 1 year's agency experience
Her areas of interest: fashion & lifestyle
Her favorite getaway: a day on the beach with extra pizza and sunset
Her hobbies: tennis & shopping (especially shopping)
A timeless moment: an evening bike ride around Paris
Her guilty pleasure: Friends with chicken egg rolls
Her mantra: be patient, the finish line is never far away.

Coline Langlet


Assistant gastronomy and lifestyle press officer

Her experience: two years in the hotel events business
Her favorite areas: gastronomy and the art of living
Her favorite getaway: fine restaurants that take you on a culinary journey!
Her hobbies: partying and traveling
A moment out of time: coming home from an evening out and enjoying a delicious meal while reminiscing with friends until noon!
Her guilty pleasure: La Mamma's lasagne
Her mantra: the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

Emma Samier


Assistant lifestyle press officer

Her experience: two years in the world of communications
Her favorite areas: beauty and art of living
Favorite getaway: traveling with friends
Her hobbies: horse riding
A moment out of time: spending time with her family
Her guilty pleasure: tapas in Spain
Her mantra: don't wait for opportunities, create them yourself.

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