AÚN Paris is a sun care brand born from the desire to reconcile healthy compositions, pleasure of application, and eco-responsibility. This philosophy is at the heart of its first two products: the SPF50 sun protection milk and the perfect body milk.

The brand draws its inspiration from the heart of the Mediterranean, where the vegetation offers treasures of virtues. This is where AÚN Paris selects its natural raw materials. Immortelle flowers, rosemary and olive leaves are powerful antioxidants whose properties have been recognized for thousands of years.

The history of the brand can be summed up in the few letters "AÚN". Softness and tenacity emerge from this word which means "again" in Spanish. A reference to the Mediterranean culture - so dear to the founder - that evokes escape, travel, a sunny and exotic universe where nature is king... and where the brand instantly transports us.

AÚN Paris is above all a made in France product and an irreproachable formulation. Because all the know-how that AÚN Paris needed was located in France, the brand was naturally committed to creating and producing 100% French. Thus, the entire production chain is located in the heart of France: the products are formulated in the Ile de France, manufactured in a pharmaceutical factory in Brittany and then shipped from a logistics centre in Normandy.


All AÚN Paris products are unique and each formula is developed in our laboratory with ingredients that are proven to be safe and effective. No opaque formulas, no useless or harmful ingredients, AÚN Paris products are as clean as possible, for human health and for the environment. And because the best waste is the waste that is not produced, no superfluous packaging is used.

As aParisian press relations and influence agency, we are delighted to be working with a brand that respects the environment and the skin.